British seaside towns

UPDATE: Work has been slower on this than I imagined, but I see this post is still getting a high number of hits.  I recommend placing it in your favourites or bookmarks and checking back in a month or so!  22/01/09

As part of my research into the regeneration of seaside towns, I’ve begun to use dipity to produce a timeline of their evolution.  It is at a very early stage and I’ll be working on it over the next few months.  Eventually it could become quite a useful resource.  As a web 2.0 platform, dipity is set up for collaboration and cross-platform links which means you can easily bring in images and video clips, as well provide hyperlinks to other resources.  To see the timeline, click on the image below which will take you to the dipity site.  If you would like to collabaorate by adding things to the timeline or changing anything, just sign up to dipity and let me know – I’ll then be able to add you as an editor.