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UK Tourism Policy – A Punctuated Equilibrium view

July 22, 2016


Based on our ongoing research into tourism policy in the UK, Dr Samantha Chaperon and I recently gave this presentation at the International Conference on Tourism in Naples, Italy. In our presentation, we present research where we tested the utility of the concept of punctuated equilibrium, for understanding recent changes in UK tourism policy.  Punctuated […]

Backing the Tourism Sector? The UK Government’s new tourism policy

September 28, 2015


The UK Government recently published their new ‘five point plan’ for the tourism industry.  You can download it from here.  In this post, I’m going to have a critical look at this new policy, which actually contains very little policy at all… As Kurt Janson, the policy director of Tourism Alliance, has pointed out, it […]

Tourism Policy in the UK – do we really need one?

February 9, 2015


Despite writing and teaching about tourism policy, I do sometimes wonder about whether we need tourism policy at all, at least in the UK. The classical arguments for why we need tourism policy are fairly convincing: The industry is incredibly complex and fragmented and benefits from structure and leadership; The environmental impacts of tourism require management; […]

UK Tourism Policy and the 2015 General Election

January 7, 2015


As the 2015 general election in the UK draws nearer, the tourism industry will look with interest to the manifestos of the major parties to see whether tourism gets a mention.   Despite none of the parties mentioning tourism in their manifestos for the election in 2010, tourism was the subject of one of the first […]

Tourism and Local Economic Development: ITSA presentation

September 6, 2012


This is the presentation that I gave at the 4th Biennial International Tourism Studies Association conference in Indonesia last month.  It was broadly based on this paper about Tourism and Local Economic Development in England.  I’m planning to carry out some interviews with LEP representatives, local authorities and tourism businesses this year and to write-up the […]

Some advice for the government on their new tourism policy Pt. 2 – support for the tourism industry

January 18, 2011


British governments operating under the neoliberal consensus of the last thirty years or so have avoided developing industrial policy, believing that it is not the job of governments to ‘pick winners’ (see the recent Forgemasters furore), but that markets will select those business and sectors most deserving of reward.  This approach has not been universal […]

Some advice for the government on their new tourism policy pt.1

January 10, 2011


There will be a new tourism policy launched by the UK government at some point in the next few months.  This will supersede ‘Winning: a strategy for 2012 and beyond’, an artefact of the previous administration, and will complement the new tourism framework that is being produced by Visit Britain.  You can see the Culture […]