Most of my publications can be downloaded for free from my profile at  – if there is anything you can’t find, please get in touch

Refereed Publications and conference papers

Kennell, J. (2020). Tourism Policy Research after the COVID-19 Pandemic: Reconsidering the Role of the State in Tourism.  Skyline Business Journal, 16(1), pp 68-72. DOI:

Pavluković, V., Vujičić, M., Kennell, J. & Cimbaljević, M. (2020). Sustainability in the Meetings Industry. Singidunum International Conference on Tourism. Belgrade, Serbia. 9th October 2020.

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Kennell, J. & Powell, R. (2020) Dark tourism and World Heritage Sites: a Delphi study of stakeholder perceptions of the development of dark tourism products, Journal of Heritage Tourism, DOI: 10.1080/1743873X.2020.1782924

Nedeljković-Knežević, M., Hadžić, O., Nedeljković, S., & Kennell, J. (2020). Tourism entrepreneurship and industrial restructuring: Globe national and organizational culture dimensions. Journal of the Geographical Institute” Jovan Cvijic”, SASA70(1), 15-30.

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Kennell, J (2005) Clive Barnett’s Culture, Media and Democracy – Review in Political Geography, Volume 24, Issue 6, August 2005, Pages 772-774

Other publications, talks, conference presentations and media appearances

October 2018, Keynote Presentation, Launch of the EU Project ‘Cultur WB’, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

June 2018, Keynote Presentation, 12th International Iguassu Tourism Forum, Foz Du Iguassu, Brazil

November 2017, Keynote Presentation, 2nd International Conference for Tourism and Gastronomy Students, Skopje, Macedonia

November 2016, Keynote Presentation, 1st International Conference for Tourism and Gastronomy Students, Skopje, Macedonia

March 2016, Keynote presentation, Suffolk Inside Out, Ipswich, UK, on Tourism and Economic Development in Suffolk

November 2015, Keynote presentation, MEKST 2015, Novi Sad, Serbia, on Cultural Tourism Experiences

July 2015, Invited Presentation, Association of Town and City Management Annual Conference, Leeds, UK, on Business Improvement Districts and the Visitor Economy

May 2015, Keynote presentation, Turizimjada 2015, Tivat, Montenegro, on Sustainable Tourism in the Adriatic Reagion

March 2015, Keynote presentation, Local Lists Conference, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK, on Heritage, Tourism and Economic Development

February 2015, Keynote presentation, Belgrade Tourism Conference 2015, Serbia, on Culture, Regeneration and Tourism

November 2014, Invited Chair of the event ‘Implementing the Witty Review: One Year On’, which examined the relationship between Universities and Economic Development

June 2014, Invited presentation at the Tourism Society Annual Symposium, Liverpool, UK, on the Economic Impacts of Events

January 2014, Invited presentation at the Event Horizons conference, University of Falmouth, Cornwall on Responsible Events

January 2013, chapter in Towards Co-operative Councils: empowering people to change their lives, London: Cooperative Councils Network

August 2012, appearances on BBC News, BBC News 24, Radio 4 and China’s CCTV, talking about the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London

March 2012, Keynote presentation to the annual Thanet College teaching and learning conference ‘Further Education and Local Economic Development’

November 2011, talk for the Olympic Park Legacy Company on the tourism legacy of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

November 2011, interview for Channel 4 TV News on the financial crisis at Thomas Cook.

March 2011, interview by the BBC on the UK government’s tourism policy, used on the BBC1 Politics Show South East and on a regional news programme.

February 2011: Invited presentation to the Canterbury Christchurch University campus network meeting, on ‘Regeneration, Higher Education and the Knowledge Economy’

December 2010: Presentation on Seaside Towns and Local Enterprise Partnerships given at a Seasider network meeting at the Department for Communities and Local Government

November 2010: Invited presentation to a group of visiting Japanese researchers on cultural regeneration and social impacts

March 2010: ‘Time for Kent to Think Big on Tourism’, article on developing regional tourism in Kent for Kent Profile Magazine

14th February 2010 Appearance on the BBC 1 TV ‘Politics Show South East’ to discuss regeneration and the recession, focusing on Brighton and Hastings.

26th January 2010 Interviewed for BBC Newsroom South East about the regeneration of Margate, Kent and how the town will fare in the recession

January 2010: Review of Poynter & MacRury’s book ‘Olympic cities: 2012 and the remaking of London’ (Ashgate) for New Start Magazine, a publication for those working in the regeneration and community development sectors

7th October 2009: Invited blog piece: ‘Seaside Art Leaves Locals Beached’ for New Start Magazine’s website

May 2009: ‘Five Pound Pint: Can tourism be a new driver for regeneration’ in the journal of the British Urban Regeneration Association

22nd March 2009: Interview on BBC1 TV’s ‘The politics show southeast’ about regional tourism and the recession

February 2009: ‘That’s entertainment!’ an article about seaside cultural regeneration in Kent Profile magazine

23rd November 2008: Interview on BBC1 TV’s ‘politics show south east’ about the regeneration of Margate, Kent

I have also been interviewed by the Telegraph newspaper, Business Week and Associated French Press on subjects concerning culture and regeneration.

6 thoughts on “Publications”

  1. Dear James,

    I’m a phd candidate and very interested in reading some of your papers, specifically those relating to the use of culture in seaside regeneration. It seems my uni doesn’t subscribe to Journal of Town & City Management and so I can’t access your latest piece. Is there any chance you could send a word or pdf of it to me? Thank you.



  2. Dear James,

    I study in Russian State University Humanitarian in Moscow (I’ m culturemaster in faculty of art history & culture studies)I write my diploma about touristic context of Moscow & Tsaritsino museum! I’ m join to the previous comment! Is there any chance you could send a word or pdf some of you works to me? Thank you

  3. Dear James,

    I am currently writting my dissertation and as my university does not subscribe to the Journal of Town & City Management, I was wondering if it would be possible if you could send me a copy of ‘Rediscovering cultural tourism : Cultural regeneration in seaside towns’.

  4. Dear James
    I am very interested in certain papers related to my PhD research. I am afraid I could not have any access to them and wonder if there is a possibility to provide me with a pdf or word format of these papers:

    – (2013) New Developments in the Relationships between Tourism Policy and Local Economic Development in the United Kingdom

    -Seaside Towns and Local Enterprise Partnerships: Domestic Tourism in a Core Periphery Context

    -Configurations of Localism: Towards a critical research agenda?

    Thank you
    Kind Regards

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