ATCM Summer School

On 1st July, I’ll be speaking at this summer school event in Leeds, being held by the Association of Town and City Management.  ATCM are Europe’s largest membership organisation for town and city management and has evolved over the last twenty years into an influential national and international voice on the future of urban areas.

I’ll be presenting the initial findings of a new research project that I’m involved in between EDReC at the University of Greenwich and ATCM.  The outline of my presentation is below:

Since the economic crisis began in 2008, the visitor economy in the UK has consistently outperformed the wider economy and has been responsible for one third of all new jobs created since 2010.  Unsurprisingly, many towns and cities that have not considered themselves tourism destinations in the past are now considering how to enhance this aspect of their offer.  Established tourism towns and cities are now facing increasing competition from these new entrants and need to maintain their competitiveness with rival destinations in Europe and, increasingly, Asia.  This presentation explains the initial findings of a research project in this field that is being carried out by the University of Greenwich in partnership with the Association of Town and City Management. The research has examined the current visitor economy orientation of Business Improvement Districts in the UK and this presentation will explore the range of approaches being taken to the development of the visitor economy by BIDs, in the context of changing public sector support for tourism through local enterprise partnerships and destination management organisations.

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