London Marathon 2013

I’m going to run the London marathon in April for the Family Holiday Association.  They are an amazing charity who support disadvantage families to take short breaks, usually to the British seaside.


I’ve been teaching and talking about social tourism a lot over the last five years, and the FHA are a great example of how tourism can be used to make a really positive contribution to peoples’ lives.  Holidays help families in all sorts of ways, giving benefits to health, education and stress-related problems.  The work of the FHA supports families in need to improve their quality of life.

It would be fantastic if some of the readers of my blog could sponsor me – I hope that if you are involved in tourism or in addressing social exclusion, that you’ll be happy to support such a fantastic charity.  If you’re a company who’d like me to promote your work through my blog and can offer some sponsorship in return, then just drop me a line!

You can get to my sponsorship page by clicking on any of the images in this post, or by clicking here.

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