Critical Tourism Studies conference 2013

This looks set to be a really interesting event.  As tourism has matured as an academic area, there has been increasing activity in this field, with academics and organisations producing and responding to an emerging ‘critical turn’ in tourism studies.  This turn, which other disciplines such as (for example) history, literature and geography encountered at various stages in their own development, opens up new possibilities for tourism studies to engage with ‘bigger’ issues such as social justice, environmental politics and gender.  This new ‘Critical Tourism Studies’ movement is inter-disciplinary and is moving beyond the narrow disciplinary focus of much tourism studies as a subject with business or management schools.

The next Critical Tourism Studies conference is being held in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 25-28th June 2013.  I’ve copied the call for paper below:


JUNE 25th – 28th 2013


 Tourism Critical Practice: Activating Dreams into Action


Join us in Sarajevo for the 5th Critical Tourism Studies Conference. This is a conference with a difference, with a great line-up of keynote speakers and a strong CSR vision.  For more information, take a look at our website:

Keynote speakers:

MICHAEL HALL  (University of Canterbury)

TOM SELWYN  (SOAS, University of London)

FREYA HIGGINS-DESBIOLLES & KYLE POWYS WHITE (University of Southern Australia & Michigan State University)

 We welcome papers and offers to lead interactive workshops on the following themes:

Critical action in the classroom

  • Critical pedagogies in tourism, hospitality and events education
  • Envisioning the future of tourism, hospitality and events education
  • Fostering critical and socially active attitudes in students

Tourism and its potential as a social force

  • Social justice, exclusion and social inequality
  • ‘Worldmaking’ and the transformation of places and cultures
  • Empowerment, developing sustainable communities and creative / social entrepreneurship
  • Postcolonial readings of tourism
  • Tourism and its relation to gender, class, race, sexuality, ethnicity and disability

Critical tourism research practices

  • Innovative and critical research methods
  • Positionality and the emotional dynamics of research
  • Academic freedom

Critical scholarship in action

  • The relationship between academia and activism
  • Impacts of and empowerment through critical research
  • Public evaluation and dissemination of critical research

All abstracts should be written in English and must not exceed 300 words in length. Abstracts should be sent to and must include: author(s), affiliation(s), a summary of the research aims, approach and key arguments/findings.

Key dates

Abstracts: 31st January 2013. Authors will be notified of acceptance before 15th February 2013.

Full papers (5000 words) and working papers (2000 words) for online, refereed, free-access conference proceedings: April 1st 2013. Full and working papers should be submitted electronically to Style for papers: Arial 11, double spaced, reference in Harvard style.

Contact the conference conveners:

Dr Lynn Minnaert –
Dr Senija Causevic –

Dr Irena Ateljevic –
Professor Nigel Morgan –
Professor Annette Pritchard –

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