BBC News Olympic legacy debate with Ian Sinclair

Last night I was invited to take part in a debate on the BBC News Channel about the legacy of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.  You can watch the video below:


7 responses to “BBC News Olympic legacy debate with Ian Sinclair”

  1. I think some really good points are made from both sides of the discussion and lots of points are covered. A shame James couldn’t elaborate on the the job creations he mentioned near the end, with the interviewer keen to find a lighthearted ‘trains vs pedalos’ conclusion.

  2. Hi Dorian, yes, I wish I’d mentioned the 10,000 jobs that are being created at the Westfield shopping centre – a really tangible benefit for an area that has struggled to create new jobs for a number of years, especially for young people.

  3. Dreadfully biased – the interviewer was basically rude to Iain Sinclair. Many valid points simply brushed under the carpet. Another good reason to stop paying for BBC TV licence.

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