Rediscovering cultural tourism: cultural regeneration in seaside towns

UPDATE: This article is now available for free download from here.

I’ve just had this article published in the Journal of Town and City Management. The abstract is below.  If you’d like to know more about this paper and don’t have access to read it online, please get in touch.

“British seaside towns have been subject to numerous attempts at regeneration and rebranding since the collapse of traditional seaside tourism began in the late 1970s. This paper reviews contemporary approaches to seaside regeneration and demonstrates that cultural regeneration strategies are becoming increasingly prevalent in this area. The validity of transferring city-based models of cultural development to these smaller urban areas is critiqued. The history of cultural investment in seaside towns is highlighted to show how current approaches to cultural regeneration, while presented as novel, are in fact a resumption of earlier strategies of cultural tourism development. This heritage of cultural development provides a resource for seaside cultural regeneration which may allow development of this type to avoid the negative social impacts often associated with cultural regeneration in cities.”

18 thoughts on “Rediscovering cultural tourism: cultural regeneration in seaside towns”

  1. Hi James,
    Just trying to get access to your article to make a case study of the turner contemporary for an exam at the university of manchester on cities and consumption. But our university doesnt seem to have access, is there any way to get hold of the article? thanks

  2. Hi James
    I havent been able to access your article through my university’s library as they do not subscribe to this journal. I am currently writing up my thesis. I have been reseraching the cukltural impacts of using casinos to regenerate the seaside resorts of great yarmouth, scarborough and torbay. Rob davidson knows me well. I was wondering if there was a chnace that you could let me have a copy of your article Rediscovering cultural tourism: cultural regeneration in seaside towns. My email is morganj (at)westminster(dot)ac(dot)uk

    I hope that you can help me on this. Thanx. James Morgan.

  3. Hi James, I’m currently studying Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University and your page looks interesting but I also have the same problem that my library does not subscribe to the journal so would I also be able to get a copy? My email is

    Charlotte Slater

  4. James,

    Based on the abstract the article looks realy interesting and would be really beneficial in me writing my Masters Dissertation. I am currently studying Development Planning MSc at the University of Reading and unlike the other posts seem unable to get a copy through the library. If it is possible to email could you send me an email at

    Kind regards,


  5. Hi there,

    I am currently doing my dissertation on the rise of international travel and the role of cultural tourism in the regeneration of seaside resorts – I am studying Tate St Ives in particular. I would really love to read your article as I think it would be very useful! Is there any chance that would be possible?


  6. Hi James,

    I would really love to read this article if you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me!! Currently my university does not subscrbe to this journal so am unable to get it.



  7. Hi James,
    I have been unable to access this through my university, however, for my dissertation I’m currently looking into regeneration in seaside resorts. Would there be any way you could send me a copy? my email address is
    Many thanks,


  8. That bloody paywall nonsense! The abstract sounds very interesting James. I work in Wigan which has a terrific cultural heritage, but it is completely undervalued by those that live and work there. However, I’m convinced that there is a market for ‘experience tourists’ seeking a distinctive and unique experience that only a hometown’s culture can deliver. Arts, crafts, food and drink, that sort of thing.

    Cultural investment is something I have been doing for a few years now and i would like to compare notes if you are ever up north!

    All the best, Mike.

  9. Hi James

    I am doing some research for my History of Art MA which is looking at the rise of seaside art galleries and I would be very interested to read your article. I cannot seem to find it via the usual sources, would it be possible to forward it to me.

    Many thanks. David

  10. Hi James, I’ve tried every way imaginable to download your article, and met with a dead end! I’m doing a masters in International events management at Brighton university and part of my dissertation will be about the socio-cultural impact of events as part of the regeneration of Hastings. Could you point me in the right direction please? or email me with it? Thanks so much!

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