Arts-led regeneration – visit of Japanese scholars to Kent

I was very pleased to be invited last week to speak to a group of Japanese scholars from Oita University who were on a visit to Kent to investigate cultural regeneration led by Teresa Smith from the University of Oxford. 

JK discussing cultura regeneration with visiting academics 

I spoke about my research into the social impacts of cultural regeneration and we had a detailed discussion of the recent evolution of British regeneration policy from the Single Regeneration Budget era to the new Local Enterprise Partnerships.  You can see my presentation below.


*I’d love to be able to credit the artists involved in the first picture on my slides.  It was emailed to me in 2007 by a participant in some research I was doing at the time and I think it’s a fantastic image.  If you have any info on this, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “Arts-led regeneration – visit of Japanese scholars to Kent”

  1. That dreamland slide is painful!

    Just wanted to pick up on your point about it being the barriers to participations that need considering. If there’s an installation just slammed in the town centre then there’s an assumption that participants are going to ‘get’ or want to ‘get’ what’s going on, when in fact that assumption can create a barrier to participation in itself.

    There was massive cultural event in Brighton recently which I think managed to get the balance between access and consumption about right, which you may have heard of,

  2. That looks really interesting – wasnt there a huge Thom Yorke thing in brighton recently too that was all about mass particpation?

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