Ethnographic methods in events research

A colleague and I have had a paper accepted for the ‘Global Events Congress IV: Events and Festivals Research: The State of the Art’ event, to be held in Leeds from 14-16 July 2010. 

Our paper looks at how the application of methods from ethnography can contribute to events management research.  Bekah carried out participant observation, photographic and auto-photographic research during the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee in the US.  You can read our abstract here

Book review: Olympic Cities

My review of Poynter & MacRury’s edited collection ‘Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London’  has just been published in this month’s edition of New Start Magazine, a publication for the regeneration sector.

“Like all pre-games publications, this text suffers from the problem of grappling with an event that is yet to happen, in a policy environment subject to radical change.  However, by bringing together a diversity of perspectives on the relationship between hosting the games and urban development in one volume, it forms an excellent resource for anyone trying to understand how and why we got to where we are today in East London and the regeneration potential of a successful Games in 2012.”

New posts on Aracdes / Promenades

There are three new posts up on our ‘Reading the Arcades / Reading the Promenades’ blog. The first is on our use of a yahoo pipe to collect images of the seaside promenade, the second is a set of links to other projects who also use Benjamin’s ‘Aracdes Project’ as inspiration for new work, and the latest post is a series of quotations on the use of photography in sociology.