Farewell 2008…

I always post my favourite things of the year – at around this time, predictably.  I’m sure this is of limited public interest but one day in my dotage I can use these posts as a replacement for my ailing memory!

Film:  The Dark Knight  – I watched this on a flight back from Shanghai in November.  After spending a week in a dystopian vision of the urban future, Gotham City seemed quite pleasant.

Music:  Max Richter’s ’24 postcards in full colour’.   A real return to form – 24 short pieces of classical / experimental / electro-acoustic (?) music, each one displaying the complexity and intimacy of his earlier work but planned to explore the possibilites of the ring tone as a vehicle for expression.

Non-fiction Book: Naomi Klein’s ‘The shock doctrine’.  Not as much of a polemic as ‘No Logo’, and better for it.  I think of Naomi Klein as a kind of Fisher Price-version of David Harvey.  ‘My first dialectical materialist’ maybe.

Fiction: Louis de Bernieres’ ‘Birds without wings’.  A weighty tome but it repays the effort.  A range of beautifully drawn perspectives on the post-WW1 collapse of the Ottoman empire and the foundation of modern Turkey. 

Website: Get Darker – without a doubt the best source of dubstep music, mixes and news.  It’s a scene I’m fascinated by but have very little access to out in the suburbs.

Conferences update

You can view all the presentations from the 2008 ITSA conference in Shanghai, including mine, by going to this web page.  The theme of the conference was ‘Globalisation, mega events and urban tourism’ and there are a wealth of useful case studies, theoretical perspectives and non-western viewpoints on tourism and events available to download as powerpoint files – some in English and some in Mandarin Chinese.  Unfortunately, the files are listed alphanumerically, so you might have to have a dig through to find material you are particularly interested in.

The presentations from the excellent ‘Developing tourist destinations’ seminar held in Aalborg last month will be up on the conference webpages soon along with pictures and I’ll post an update on here when they are available.  In the meantime, you can view my presentation below: