La Luminata

The web’s best blog for ethical / sustainable fashion and design news has moved – you can now find Rachel Holland’s La Luminata blog here, definitely one to bookmark if you are interested in the quirkier and innovative end of the green marketplace.

One response to “La Luminata”

  1. Please take a few moments to visit my website gallery of eco-friendly paintings:

    Knowing that:
    – most paintings/paints are composed of toxic
    chemicals, petro-oils, plastics and heavy metals along
    with preservatives and fungicides like formaldehyde
    – most paintings/paints also produce off gases that
    increase the toxicity of the environment in which they
    are manufactured and displayed.
    – present labeling of art materials as non-toxic is
    regulated by fine art paint industry representatives.

    Not only does the medium I work in help to create a healthy environment, my paintings have also been described as visually healing as well as beautiful. These paintings are created using a natural, food container safe medium of beeswax and pigments carefully selected for their non toxic characteristics. More in depth writing can be found on my website by clicking on “Beeswax medium” and reading the articles there.

    Thanks for considering my invitation to visit my website gallery: and for choosing to use your energies to create healthy environments.

    Please forward this to friends and/or associates that may be interested.

    Best Regards,

    Greg Patch
    Green Art Studio

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