Arts and criminal justice

I’m on a steering group which is framing the development of a code of practice for artists working in criminal justice settings.  There is a blog documenting the process here.  The initiative has been started by the Anne Peaker Centre, a charity who provide advocacy and support for artists and arts organisations working in this field.

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2 thoughts on “Arts and criminal justice”

  1. In New York State last year, the New York State Literary Center formed the New York State Arts In Correctional Education Network. Our Steering Committee consists of representatives from Island
    Academy, Rikers Island; Passages Academy (court-involved youth, grades four through twelve, in eight sites throughout the City of New York); Rochester City School District’s Youth and Justice Programs (adolescents who have been arrested as adults and / or who are serving a term of one year or under); Office of the Sheriff, County of Monroe (Monroe County, New York); The New York State Literary Center, and the Queens Museum’s Access Program. We are working on: (1) The development of a manual for Teaching Artists and arts and cultural organizations, specific to arts based learning activities; (2) Identification of effective types of arts integrated practices, skills, pedagogies,and instructional strategies currently being used with arts based activities inside secure facilities; (3 Identification / development
    of assessments being used to measure student growth and learning within these activities; and (4) Examples of effective collaborations. We have the 2007 Handbook for Artists written by Anne Peaker, Revised by Chris Johnson. We are most interested in sharing information with you.

  2. Hi Dale, the best person for you to speak to is probably the CEO of the Anne Peaker Centre – she is charing the steering group. If you send me your email address to james(dot)kennell(at)gmail(dot)com then I will pass your details on to her.

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