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The arts debate juggernaught is almost there….

October 19, 2007


The Arts Council’s gargantuan ‘arts debate’ public consultation is drawing to close.  They have published a report outlining their findings from consultation with the general public, artists, key stakeholders, one man and his dog and it is available here.  I’m only working my way through it at the moment and I’m looking forward to discussing […]

Judith Butler comes to the rescue!

October 9, 2007


“There is a new venue for theory, necessarily impure, where it emerges in and as the very event of cultural translation.  This is not the displacement of theory by historicism, nor a simple historicization of theory that exposes the contingent limits of its more generalisable claims.  It is rather, the emergence of theory at the […]

Shame on you, Home Office

October 4, 2007


Jackie Smith, the Home Secretary, announced yesterday that the UK would not ‘give any guarentees’ that victims of sex trafficking would not be deported once rescued in the UK.  Bearing in mind that, as an absolute number and as a percentage of total immigration in to the UK, we are talking about a small number […]