Grunts for the arts

Posted on September 10, 2007


In protest against cuts in funding for the arts that are taking place as a direct result of the 2012 Olympics, Grunts for the Arts are staging a day of ironic and entertaining sporting events on this saturday (15th September) in Burgess Park in south London. 

They promise: “Celebrity Sack Racing, Handbag Hurling and Gymnastics Corner, a second attempt at previously rained off wonders the Fifteen Legged Race and Triball, [and] a whole host of brand new events – the 20 x 2m relay, the Conceptual Leap, the Tour de Park Cocktail Race and the Olympic Ring Doughnut Eating Contest.”

For my money, that’s got to be worth seeing.  For more infrormation about the serious issue of arts funding cuts have a look here.

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