piano madness ahoy

Tonight I’m going to see the rather wonderful Max Richter along with the rather unpredictable but also beautiful Hauschkaat Spitz in London.  I saw Max Richter at last year’s Brighton festival, which was brilliant even if the sound system was a bit dodgy.  I have high hopes for tonight, although getting that close to Shoreditch makes my styler antipathy go into overdrive…..


Update: I wasn’t that impressed by Max Richter, but I think that was mainly to do with the fact that the venue was absolutely rammed and either had no ventilation or broken fans!  By the time Max came on, the place was absolutely heaving – not the best ambience for contemplative music….

Hauschka on the other hand, was brilliant. I had never come across someone playing ‘prepared piano’ before and I assumed that it would be quite a precise, technical thing.  Towards the end of his set he was playing with one hand and moving things around inside the piano with the other.  For his last tune he emptied the piano, pulling out rulers, rolls of tape, cutlery, a duster and tonnes of other things, then leaned back in and gaffer taped all the strings together.  Bizarrely it all still sounded beautiful, a bit like a cyber-Yann Tiersen.  I managed to have a quick chat with him on my way out and to cap it all, hes a lovely guy.

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