MC Hammer gets political…

Posted on August 22, 2007


I have contradictory views about MC Hammer.  Being a lover of Hip-Hop, I found his pop-hop far too cheesy at the time and still do, at least when I’m not overcome by nostalgia.  On the other hand I respect the very open way in which he discusses his faith in a popular music culture that doesn’t deal very well with issues of meaning and honesty.

His blog is here and well worth a look.  Interestingly, he has recorded an anti-war track and posted the video up online – check it out by scrolling down his posts or by watching the youtube video below:

I’m more than willing to suspend my pop-hop cynycism for a rapper who is prepared to take on pro-war popular culture in the US.   I’m not sure whether that would translate into buying a re-release of ‘Please Hammer don’t hurt ’em!’ , but I’d support this single with my cash.

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