American arms company may run next UK census

As the government extends its belief in the market and strives to reduce public spending at all costs, it is contracting out the job of running the next UK census in 2011.

There are two companies that have been shortlisted to run the census.  One of them is US firm Lockheed Martin, the world’s biggest arms manufacturing company.  They also carry out intelligence and surveillance work and are proud of their ability to combine information from a range of data sources around the world.  Obviously, being a US military company, they have all kinds of links to ongoing US overseas wars and actions, overt and covert.

The same company won the contract for the last Canadian census.  A nationwide campaign failed to stop them from carrying out the survey, but it did win the victory of ensuring that only government civil servants, and not private contractors, could handle the data that the census produced.

You can sign a petition here on the 10 Downing Street website to protest against this state of affairs.  For more information go here to read about a campaign on this issue and here to see Lockheed Martin’s website.

11 responses to “American arms company may run next UK census”

  1. In mind of the nature of the politics behind your UK Census post I thought you might be interested in a link to a website I used to look at regularly;

    It’s a site called Freedom Force International (specific page I’ve given is that of the unfiltered news sub section).

    I don’t look at it much anymore for the reasons described by Steve Pavlina in the following link…. however for where you are at right now, I thought you might be interested.

  2. Thanks for the link Vicky. Interesting site, although i don’t agree with their politics in any way shape or form.

    By the way, you often imply that I am at a ‘lower’ stage of awareness…are you hoping that I will one day progress?

  3. It was more the subject matter I was pointing it out for as I sensed parallels between the story of the questionable morality of an arms manufacturer being considered as a census operator and the questionable morality behind many of the stories picked out on said site. I personally think that the site is Republican sympathetic as on the one hand it presents left wing arguments whilst supporting a right wing candidate for the US election nomination.

    To answer your second sentence you have to bear in mind I experience reality as entirely subjective with the exception of the objectivity of reason and logic in it’s own right. This results in my view that there can be no lower or higher in an existence implied by circular infinity. I am rather coming from a point of view that is motivated by the instinctive need to share what I have learnt in relation to my own experience of reality (my study has focused inwards to consciousness in itself)in much the same way that you wish to share the teachings of Foucalt (knowledge, repression and power) with me in relation to your own reality. In both cases the ego is implied, yet motivated by the positive, the altruistic, the duty to do good.

    Do you not imply yourself in the very kind act of lending me the first Foucalt book that I am at an equivalent lower level regarding his subject matter? and likewise do you hope I will progress myself regarding his view of his subject matter?

    Peace, Vicky 🙂

  4. PS:

    On Monday you spoke of cause and effect ending at a certain point that went beyond understanding, thus free will. However, what if that free will is actually cause and effect at the infinitely small quantum level. Then consider that the infinitly large is the same as the infinitly small, and that one has no trouble attributing cause and effect to the infinitly large… which is the same. Free will = intuition = our ability to follow reason we can’t see, yet that still remains cause and effect.

  5. nope – i just thought you might find Foucault interesting and that it might help you to understand my position!

    I’m not sure that equating free will with quantum level physics is an anlalogy that holds ? What is free will exists at an impossibly large level and is mediated through our subjectivity? That would be an equally possible ststament, but again not really subject to any verifictional test.

    I wouldn’t say that site has left wing arguments! They appear to blame terrorism and the reponse to it, on socialism….

  6. I think I will find Foucalt interesting, yes; but still hold to the veiw I expressed before. Surely the creation of an understanding of a subject matter implies teaching? And this arguably being the case why should my perception of it be in error when presumably in this case it is a helpful thing that aids to strengthen our understanding of each other? ie – how can I be helped to understand your position without being taught it in the first place?

    Is not impossibly large the same as infinitly large? The fact that something is mediated through our subjectivity implies that truth/reason has a varying value; an existentialist and nihilistic argument. However I would argue that certain truths are verifiable in reason across every form of belief or scale. The ones that come to mind are that something must exist otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this comment, perception of movement and change. Plus the existence of a something that does the perceiving, and infiniteness. From these other reasonable assumptions can be derived, including I believe those surrounding the fate vs free will discussion.

    We’ve had discussion over the validity of the esoteric, yet I’ve forgotten to mention until now that much of esotericism is based on the Kaballa. In effect my arguments are the Judaic Kabbalistic point of view.

    the jury’s still out on your ‘site comment’. Do you think though the site is more supportive of the terrorism itself or of the socialist response to it?

  7. there is nothing wrong with agendas per se. Only bad ones. And yes, I do claim to be able to tell which ones are good and which ones are bad. Right-wing agendas that deny collective responses to social problems in favour of a fascist social darwinsim are wrong.

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