Boris Johnson – the implications of buffoonery

In a terrifying turn of events, Boris Johnson has announced his candidacy for the conservative party for London’s mayor.  There is a great article on the COMPASS website about this, which runs through Boris’ impeccable right wing credentials, but my great fear is that sites like Boris Watch , Backing Boris and ‘ironic’ individuals in the media might help to create a climate where he is seen as an amiable buffoon and ‘a decent chap’, thereby helping to form the image that he might be some kind of benevolent jester-king when given control of the capital city.  My worry is that Boris’ campaign builds up the kind of momentum that Screaming Lord Sutch could only dream of.   In the interests of fairness (this is an election with the largest democratic mandate in the UK, after all) here is a link to the wikipedia biography for:

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.



  1. Good to see you blogging again.

    Not necessarilly a comment about Boris Johnson I’m afraid (though some might say that’s a plus point), but I wanted to ask whether you’d still be up for catching up. I know we’ve let slip before, but I’m determined not to let this happen this time. I’m happy to come down to Ashford. I’ll be able to witness the subject of your earlier post! Actually to be honest I hope to probe your mind on something in relation to something you did last year.

    Peace, Vicky.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for linking to Boriswatch! I thought I’d just calm your mind a little – Boriswatch aims to report on everything Boris, both joking along with his comedic moments and also staunchly supporting him when needed. You have to bear in mind that, until recently, he has very much played up to the buffoonery as part of his persona. Nobody can tie a tie that badly by accident…

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