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piano madness ahoy

August 28, 2007


Tonight I’m going to see the rather wonderful Max Richter along with the rather unpredictable but also beautiful Hauschkaat Spitz in London.  I saw Max Richter at last year’s Brighton festival, which was brilliant even if the sound system was a bit dodgy.  I have high hopes for tonight, although getting that close to Shoreditch […]

Chomsky says…

August 27, 2007


“Generally speaking, it seems fair to say that the richer the intellectual substance of the field, the less concern there is for credentials, and the greater is the concern for content” (1979)

MC Hammer gets political…

August 22, 2007


I have contradictory views about MC Hammer.  Being a lover of Hip-Hop, I found his pop-hop far too cheesy at the time and still do, at least when I’m not overcome by nostalgia.  On the other hand I respect the very open way in which he discusses his faith in a popular music culture that doesn’t deal very […]

American arms company may run next UK census

August 21, 2007


As the government extends its belief in the market and strives to reduce public spending at all costs, it is contracting out the job of running the next UK census in 2011. There are two companies that have been shortlisted to run the census.  One of them is US firm Lockheed Martin, the world’s biggest […]

Boris Johnson – the implications of buffoonery

August 16, 2007


In a terrifying turn of events, Boris Johnson has announced his candidacy for the conservative party for London’s mayor.  There is a great article on the COMPASS website about this, which runs through Boris’ impeccable right wing credentials, but my great fear is that sites like Boris Watch , Backing Boris and ‘ironic’ individuals in […]

Pilgrimage Guantanamo

August 9, 2007


A friend of ours is planning to walk from Rochester to Canterbury cathedral, in order to raise awareness and funds for Reprive.  Reprive is Clive Stafford Smith’s charity, which offers free legal representation to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and also on Death Row in the US.  You can go to our friend’s blog here to find […]

Ring Road Aesthetics

August 8, 2007


In my hometown of Ashford, Kent at the moment there is a big public art program running alongside the redevelopment of the town centre.   This has attracted the kind of small-town criticism that I assume it was partly designed to provoke and has involved a number of interesting artists, doing all kinds of things that […]