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Heritage, Tourism and Economic Development in Seaside Towns

March 18, 2015


An elephant delighting tourists in Margate (Thanks to Geoff Orton @ Margate Civic Society)

Yesterday, I gave this presentation at a fascinating event at Turner Contemporary in Margate on local lists and the heritage sector.  I was invited to speak by the Margate Neighbourhood Plan Forum and Margate Civic Society, about the relationship between heritage, tourism and economic development.  This was great opportunity for me to return to Margate, […]

A visit to Belgrade

March 2, 2015



Last week, Dr Samantha Chaperon and I, from the University of Greenwich, presented at the Belgrade Tourism Conference 2015, which was being held alongside the Belgrade Tourism Fair.  We were invited to speak by Serbia4Youth, an amazing organisation who are working to present Serbia as a destination for young people from across Europe and beyond. Serbia4Youth brought […]

Tourism Policy in the UK – do we really need one?

February 9, 2015



Despite writing and teaching about tourism policy, I do sometimes wonder about whether we need tourism policy at all, at least in the UK. The classical arguments for why we need tourism policy are fairly convincing: The industry is incredibly complex and fragmented and benefits from structure and leadership; The environmental impacts of tourism require management; […]


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